Liguria - "A place to come Home"


Since I was a child, I felt lost in this world.

A inner voice always told me, there must be more!


After a long time of being in a deep sleep, I felt like waking up when I was about 40 years old.

It was like a second birth.

Many seperated aspects came home to me, which sometimes was quite not easy to deal with.


After this had happened, a long journey of seeking, doubting and suffering, but also of deep understanding and increasing happiness and selflove has been occured.


More and more inner peace, trust, stillness and freedom came to me.


Here I am able to be in stillness and emptyness, not far from mountains and the sea.


A perfect place only to BE.


If you are truely interrested in your own realizition, in your coming back to your SELF, feel free to send me an e-mail or to call.

0049 174 3239469